10 things people do when they are alone, but never admit it

This list is not done in any particular order

1. Talk to themselves

About 80% of the American, European, and Canadian populations talk to themselves on a regular basis, and only about 10% of that 80% talks to themselves in the third person because of mental illnesses. The other 70% do it because of a common conditioning habit for success in social circumstances. This means that this huge number of people use solo talk as a means of preparing conversations they are possibly going to have later on in the day or week.


2. Lip Syncing in the mirror

There is an even more common habit of self expression known as lip syncing, and is practiced widely all over the world where there is a mirror and some pleasurable music available to the person. In these times it is more common to find people lip syncing by themselves due to supposed "bottled talent" that persons wish to express to themselves in order to feel satisfaction. People often do it alone because this sort of thing is not socially acceptable, as it will be mocked at by others (even though they do it to).

3. Make Ridiculous faces in the mirror

It is found often when surveying different people, that most will confirm that they have and still do make funny or weird faces in mirror. Psychologists believe this is yet another way for us humans to vent out energy or express ourselves in ways we could not when people are watching.

4. Masturbation (or other means of sexual pleasure)

This one is quite obvious as it is a known natural impulse in humans and as well in other animals, however no one wants to admit that they do it. Yet, we all know they do, and to say you don't, you would have to be a part of the 1.8% of the population that has never masturbated or acted out with the intention of self (sexual) pleasure.

5. Singing and Dancing

There is a very common saying that is relevant to this topic which is, "Dance like nobody is watching." The reason it is relevant, is because people often dance much more ecstatically and expressively when nobody is watching. This goes for singing as well. When there is nobody around, this gives a person a chance to break from the binds of there repressed social presence, and break free into exaggerated movements and song.

Fact: People are genuinely more creative when alone.

6. Farting Out Loud

This act is socially unacceptable because we, as a society, have deemed it disgusting. This is why people don't walk around farting and hold it in until they find solitude. Yet, when alone, people will let there loud farts out without a care in the world, because otherwise they would be laughed at. Even when these farts are done away from people's ears, the person who did so would never openly admit to doing such things (accept with friends or family), no matter how natural of a process it is.

7. Eating like a pig

Again, this is where social acceptance comes in. Pretty much all of humanity eats like a downright animal, accept when in the presence of others. In the midst of a crowd or public place, nearly all of us will eat politely and not shove things in our face.

8. Sobbing heavily

It seems throughout all modern ages, the act of sobbing heavily has been looked down on as a childish or infantile thing to do. Even though most of us have fragile hearts or simply have really bad days, none of us, even when it is absolutely acceptable, will hold back heavy tears for the sake of not "looking like a baby" or looking weak.

9. Picking their nose

You do it, I do it, everyone picks there nose. However, only when there is no audience. Once again, the social unacceptability will land you into humiliation.

10. Acting like the main character in a movie

This is a fun one because it shows how creative people really can be, and it is a shame that we all keep it a secret. It has been observed time and time again the creativity of human beings when imagining a false environment, situation, and a set of traits for themselves to live by for short moments when no one is to see them (do not confuse this with cosplay, live action role play - for these are social events which are highly accepted). An example of this behavior can be explained this way: Say a person is walking, alone of course, and decided to engage their imagination into a dramatic/action packed story or movie-like sequence. They may begin looking back and forth, observing their surrounding environment as if they are lost or confused. Then, they may start running as if they are being chased by an antagonist, etc.

So what does that tell us? Well, according to psychologists it suggests one of two possibilities. One, being the one that has already been explained above, and then, a much more depressing reality. The person who is engaging in a fake story may be imprisoned (in real life) by a reality or truth that upsets them or that they are sick of. So, in defense, they create an imaginary world in order to shun the existence of this boring or depressing reality, and go with something much more desirable to them and their interests

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