Become A Moderator

Becoming a moderator for RacketNukE is not as simple as asking. There are requirements, which are pretty simple, yet along the way you must display loyalty to the site to becoming a moderator. After being elected a moderator, you may be (depending on the privileges the Administrators give you) ban members for disobeying guidelines, erase harmful content, filter out useless files, and more.

Requirements include:

1. You must be a decent contributor to the site.
2. You must have no history of disobeying guidelines or regulations.
3. You must be loyal to the moderator position for as long as you plan to be one. Moderators who stop moderating will be stripped of the position and its privileges.

Optional requirements (Having these increases your chances of becoming a moderator):

1. Has added and created excellent pages and content (High rated, positively reviewed content).
2. Had one of your pages featured on Most Anomalous Page.
3. Has had previous moderator experience.

If you would like to become a moderator, just send us an email and request a moderator position. We will review your profile and you may get the position.

How to ask (example for request - this is what your message should look like [quote box not required])

Name/Username: John Smith - Requesting to be a moderator | Some pages I have written on RacketNukE: | Content I have written for other sites: | Moderator Experience:

Treat your message as though it was an application for a job, and provide information on previous moderator experience and other online accomplishments and works.

If you do not like your position you can request to have it changed or to be removed from the moderators list.

Current Moderators

Sebby Bro YoungSebby Bro Young
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