Crop Circle Witnesses

The following are actual accounts detailed by people who have seen these anomalies firsthand. Add your own.

July 9th, 2012 - Gerard Wallace, Farmer North Carolina

What the hell was that? I remember asking myself over and over again, after seeing what appeared to be a large flash of green light from outside my window. I own a farm in North Carolina, where I make a handsome living selling everything I grow. Yet, about seven times I have come across strange patterns etched vastly in my crop fields, and had no idea what it was, until now. I saw the flash, and jumped up to run to my window. I gazed out of my window to see anything else, and I did. Another flash, and then another flash, and then another, until I saw one last beam of light shoot into the sky and vanish. I was weary to run outside, yet I did. I grabbed a shotgun of my mantle just in case and ran to the location in my field where I saw the light. Sure enough, another crop circle. This time fresh, and oddly glowing. What was strange about its glow was that it had no color, yet it was there. I couldn't figure what color it was, even though it clearly glowed before me. I was awestruck, and took pictures.


For some reason, all other photographs remained blurry and dark, despite it being the middle of the day. I took the pictures to my friend's house, whom didn't believe me until I showed him the crop circles first hand. He was concerned and surprised, but then assumed that I made them. I promised him that I had not, and he eventually believed me. We took some more pictures with better cameras and began posting them on sites like this one. Thank you for reading. I have no idea what is happening or where exactly these strange patterns are coming from. Can someone please tell me?

Gerard's Crop Circle Pictures

October 11th, 2012 - Sydney Walsh Idaho

There is still no way I am believing these things are real. I know many of them ended up in my backyard, yet I still cannot understand how or why these things existed. I mean, how could they be made so quickly overnight? There must be a team of skilled and quiet people who do it. This still freaks me out. I took a picture from my upstairs bedroom one morning after waking up to my husband and son screaming about it. It was drawn into the Oakshire field and there were already so many people gathering to see it.


November 1st, 2012 - Gordon Freeman New Mexico

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November 5th, 2012 - Fredrick Melnik Nevada

Very recently I have taken some photos. All of which I am not quite sure about.

Fredrick's Crop Circle Pictures

If anyone believes me, thank you. Because, during the crop circle creation, I believe Extra Terrestrials had come down and probed me. I am not open to discussing the exact things they said, because they told me not to repeat their words. Yes, they spoke in English, yet it was horrid and raspy. I never want them to come back and get me. Please do not ask me about it…. I'm crying right now.

Ask Fredrick about his abduction!!

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