Demon Babies

August 5th, 2012 - Woman gives birth to triplets who have double horns on their foreheads.

On this morning Charlotte L. Tierie gave birth to three children, all having the same genetic "birth defect." The doctor delivering the triplets was bemused by this unlikely occurance, and denied the claims of the mother, that her children were "demon babies." She screamed to the doctors to discard the babies, and declared she does not want to see them ever again. She, being a strongly devout Christian could not bare such news and refused to raise the horned babies.

The father, who was not at the delivery, nor for the 9 months of pregnancy of the children, was found and informed of the birth. When the news reached him, he seemed much more enthralled and motivated by the fact that the babies had horns of the devil or a "demon." The reporter of the babies found this strange, yet did not question it for the real issue was custody of the children. The reporter was weary of asking, because the father seemed defiant in the first 9 months of the pregnancy and seemed to have never wanted children, therefore he may not be a suitable father figure. Despite this, there was the fact that not many people would want these horned children, so the father eventually had the babies for his own. He took them without any refusal or resistance and agreed to raise them. The reporter had written in a later report this evening, for a (name disclosed) Times newspaper, that the father, named Joseph Berkland, had a devious, menacing smile that made him sick on sight.

October 10th, 2012

At 6:00 PM today, the father was visited by a different reporter, to get a story on the horned children. The father refused to give out any information, except for a single phrase which creeped the reporter. When the reporter, David Gawls asked, "How have the children been behaving? Do you believe that these children, no offense to you or them, are in fact demons of some kind?" He smiled almost immediately and replied in an unsettling tone, "They stab me in the back. They won't stop stabbing me." Still smiling, and not for a moment leaving eye contact with the reporter, closes the door.

October 31st, 2012

On this holiday evening, Joseph Berkland has been found dead in the front yard of the apparent mother of the triplet "demon children," with 12 stab wounds in his back and spine. The mother, tragically, was found in her living room recliner with a small revolver pistol and a bullet wound to the head.

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