Extra Terrestrials
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The elaborate definition of Extra Terrestrials:

Extra terrestrials, or E.T.s, are essentially creatures beyond the borders of Earth, way beyond the boundaries of the solar system. These beings are known to be sometimes malevolent, and seem to, whenever they abduct a Human, always operate and perform crude and bizarre experiments, especially to the victims' butt holes. Yes, E.T.s, much like the one from the movie E.T., directed by Stephen Spielberg, stick things up inside of you (probing) and check your rectum for poop so they may feed. This method the aliens use has been confirmed by for realz scientifs, because after observing the victim's butt hole after a reported abduction, their sphincter always seems to be very unnaturally wide and stretchy.

A real life actual factual photo caught on camera phone that is real and not fake actually:


This is an artist's expert interpretation of what an extra terrestrial looks like.


Also this is an accurate rendition of what an alien looks like done by a man from the 2004 internet.


It has come to our attention that "Extra Terrestrial" is one word, Extraterrestrial*. Unfortunately, ain't nobody got time for dat.

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