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Re: MAKE THE MOVIE! by Pluto PhantomhivePluto Phantomhive, 26 Feb 2015 19:37

And I wish there was more jeff and jane the killer stories.

by James the killerJames the killer, 15 Jan 2015 19:22

They really need to make a Jeff the killer movie. But if they do make it, then they need to make sure it is not anything corny. Show all the killings and get the story right.

MAKE THE MOVIE! by James the killerJames the killer, 15 Jan 2015 19:21

Yeah i like him Hes AWESOME and Scary Everwone or some guys belive them I REALLY LIKE JEFF theres a littile story,

In night a kid like 12+ Sleeped Then he heard something break and he wakes up He had a feeling Somewone is watching him When He appeard in the darkness his mouth his big his Eyes Then He Was SCARED then jeff jumped to the bed then he sayed Go To Sleep Then The Boy SCREAMED LOUD! AHHHHH!!! Then jeff pulled his Knife out and he was ready to kill him When His Dad Showed up with a shotgun his dad allmost got him but he missed then jeff throwed his knife at the dad in the sholiders Then the boy saw Jeff break the window He escaped Then the boy saw him disseapear at the darkness Then the cops arrived His Dad Was Killed And The son will remeber Those eyes and that smile It wont get off his head Then jeff Countied killing People I wonder how can he see without hes eyelids

I really like Jeff The Killer by Dan TdmDan Tdm, 29 Jun 2014 23:03

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Thats intense! :O

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Re: Drinking bleach by I am the SlobI am the Slob, 28 Nov 2013 13:27

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So I had a dream, I had black hair dye
In my hair, and everyone was saying how it was going to
Bleach. When it was time to wash it out
I got in a bathtub on nail polish remover,
And when I got out, my hair was pink! But
Everyone was telling me how black it was.
And I was really thirsty, and grabbed a cup
Of water and chugged it, and then my nan said,
"Keats that's bleach!" And it was then that I noticed
The burn in my throat, I spat it out, and it sprayed out my nose, and i was in complete agony. Anyway My alarm woke me up then. But what do you think that means?

Drinking bleach by KeatycatKeatycat, 07 Nov 2013 16:50

I'm pretty sure almost everyone on this site does as well.

i love jeff the killer by Angel MelendezAngel Melendez, 03 May 2013 22:18

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