READ THESE Guidelines/Regulations

Guidelines to creation of pages and conduct on the site

If you do not follow these guidelines and regulations, a page of yours may be taken down.

1. Be Sure your grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. is correct.
2. (Optional) Be sure your page is neat and organized so visitors can more easily read and view your content.
3. Do not bash or insult anyone or anything on your page or in the forums.
4. Do not create or upload content that can be considered sexually explicit or vile.
5. Do not create or upload content that is offensively gore-related.
6. Do not upload leaked or pirated content that could be illegal or classified.
7. Do not add writings/texts that do not belong to you (you ARE allowed to add images and videos that do not belong to you, yet do not take any credit for them), the exceptions are quotes and necessary excerpts.
8. Do not upload too many files to the site, as the amount of file space is limited, and must be regulated. You may, however, add as many files as you want through external source / URL.
9. Do not provoke or talk of criminal acts, for this could result in not only page deletion, but a permanent ban.
10. It is strongly encouraged you read How to create a page, so you don't end up with poor setup and/or content.
11. Don't visit this page

If you believe something has been left out of the above guidelines, contact the administrators through email or private message. If you suspect someone to be breaking these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact a moderator or admin.

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