How to be Strange

1 Get distracted by abnormal things. For instance, tell your friends that the ceiling is distracting. Elaborate and say "It just like… sits up there" in an awkward tone.

2 Redefine the art of wearing clothes. Wear your clothes different than you normally would. Wear socks on your hands and do little things. you don't want to be super obvious.

3 Give a name to an inanimate object. Carry it around and talk to it like it was your pal.

4 Distract others. Stare at somebody for a while and make them feel uncomfortable. Don't look away no matter what they say to you, even if they stare back at you for ages. Don't just stare but try and understand the life of the object you are staring at.

5 Talk in a foreign accent. Make up your own words to throw in as you speak in the odd accent. When asked where you're from, say Alaska. Most importantly, make the accent viable, don't just mumble your way through.

6 Have a weird hairdo. Use the stiffest hair gel you can find. Spike your hair straight up, or invent a cool, strange hairstyle. This is all about imagination.

7 Change your name to something stupid. Examples may be CooKoo Klock, Naggy Hipster or Rico Shay.

8 Meditate in the middle of a hotel lobby. Just take a seat and clasp your hands together and close your eyes. You'll be awed by the reaction.

9 Throw a fit at a fancy restaurant because you want chicken fingers and apple juice. Also while waiting for your food: grab the fork and knife and clench them in your fists, keeping the sharp-sides up, then bang the bottom of your silverware on the table continuously. (For variety, throw in your own personal beat or drum line.)

10 Walk around in circles and talk to yourself. Then make weird noises and shapes with your hand and twitch your head.

11 Have weird addictions to history, like Sparta, and such.

12 Be a master at geography.

13 Have crazy, curly hair.

14 Make personalized jewelery and other things out of acorns, sticks, leaves, any junk you find lying around.

15 Drift as you walk. Pretend as if you are floating in an another planet.

16 Start talking in a dreamy voice and invent mythical creatures to bring into everyday conversation

17 ¡uʍop ǝpısdn sƃuıɥʇ pɐǝɹ

18 Invent odd nicknames for people. Even if the have a boring or short name (i.e. Jane), think of something off-the-wall (i.e. Janey-Jane)!

19 Hum or singsong things at odd times and places.

20 Elevator When you are in a Elevator sit down face the far wall and talk to yourself.

21 Bathroom When sitting upon a public toilet inside a stall with 3-4 walls surrounding you, wait until an adjoining stall is occupied by something you presume is a human. Ask as if in great personal stress "Uh, Sir (or madam), may i borrow a highlighter?" [while reaching your hand under the wall of your bathroom stall. if no response, yell louder until a response is granted. IF RESPONSE IS NOT SUFFICIENT: say something like "c'mon, man, I really need one like RIGHT NOW" if questioned further on your reasoning for WHY you need the highlighter right then and right now just reply "its personal stuff.."

22 Get a friend and go to a public place of any kind. Start to argue over something stupid. "I can't believe you left me there standing in the pudding for an hour! The pudding made my feet smell weird."

23 Talk to inanimate objects as if they were a counselor. Add pauses after every few sentences. (just enough for the object to supposedly say something back to you, then respond) e.g., (pick up a rock) "I just don't know what to do. he just left me there………. yes, maybe you're right. I guess I should let it go, but still, he took all of my (pause and sob) PENCILS!! Ah, oohh, ooohh, the heartbreak!……….Thank you, but I think I just have to SIT IT OUT! Ooohh!" then stop abruptly and go back to your normal self.

24 Go to a wall, sniff it, and say a random thing e.g., Hmmm… minty.

25 When it is really quiet gobble like a turkey.

26 Try to convince random people that you are some sort of famous celebrity, international or not.

27 Make strange faces in public.

28 Talk to the air. For instance, when walking in open space, suddenly act as if you have bumped into the "air" and apologise then carry on your journey.

29 Yell random things at random moments. (Like,"OMG, FLESH EATING PICKLES!!!!…AND THEY HAVE A GUN!!)

30 Shave the back of your head and draw a face there.

31 Rhyme EVERYTHING You Say. Use perhaps the limerick style. (AABBA) Or simply AA. (The A's rhyme with the other A's, and the B's rhyme with the other B's) For example, yesterday, when someone asked me if I was crazy, I simply replied
Ah, Madness- it is my gladness, my glory and my GOAL
To be sane would be paramount to a betrayal of the SOUL.

32 OR
I, Joey, Hereby decree,
To take an oath upon me,
With voice pure and mind so quick,
To not only speak in limerick,
But be as crazy as can be.

33 Rhyme your speech with an accent and it would be divine. At first it might be hard to come up with rhymes instantly - It would ruin the effect if you replied to a question 5 minutes later, (No matter how good the rhyme). Then again, people are going to think you're insane anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter if you answer later. Or even just don't. You can also rhyme to other peoples statements/questions. For example, imagine your teacher has just called you to the front of the class.
[teacher] Joey, you're homework isn't here.
[you(Joey)] It's not?! The pain of it shall drive me to despair!
[teacher] So, Joey, where is it?
[you(Joey] my parrot's stomach, mam, he's such a git!

34 Dance like a maniac with no music in a public place then stop and walk away like nothing happened

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