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RacketNukE wants to create an index of great pages and articles and personal profiles (which are customized for you) that are enjoyable and interesting for you and others, and does not want it to be a random pile-up of useless and random content. When creating your pages it is asked you make it worth the time of the users reading/viewing, and that the matters within your page are within your interests and attention levels of the community. Which means, your pages should be for the most part professional but nevertheless fun, interesting, and totally customized. Below, there will be some simple and easy examples, tutorials, and references for you to look over, so you can achieve the most awesome, professional, accessible, and enjoyable content to apply to your pages.

Editing Tools

Editing options

When editing your pages, you will notice an assortment of various buttons above the editing box. You will see options for Headers, bold-italic-underline options, strikethroughs, lines, tables, etc. To use these buttons, you simply choose a spot inside the editing box and click on the button of your choice. This is the most self explanatory of the page editing tips, and does not take much time at all to get use to.


Click here to practice and improve your editing skills.

Using Advanced Syntax

Using more advanced wiki syntax is very convenient, yet it requires a bit more of a manual process and will take more getting used to (it is still easy nonetheless). But for the time being, you can simply visit the Wikidot Wiki Syntax page for specific and in depth syntax examples, or visit the Wiki Syntax page on this site. From there, you can simply copy and paste or rewrite the syntax right into your page effortlessly.


Using modules on your page makes it much more appealing for members who are viewing your content. To make your page better and more satisfying to the community, you can apply modules such as: comment sections, 5-star rating systems, galleries, and more. You can add as much of these modules as you choose. This example you see to the right is the exact syntax of the comment and rating modules you will see at the bottom of the page.


Wikidot's Excellent Modules

**By the way - ** Do not be intimidated by the word "codes" or "syntax". The editing process is very simple and does not require any programming skills of any kind.

Optimizing Your Page

No one wants to revisit or check out pages that are poorly fitted with uninteresting and timid content. They want stimulating text and pictures, content that encourages the user to visit again. When you create/add poor content, this gives the chance of a bad first impression from new visitors to RacketNukE. When people see this kind of content, it could diminish the chance of that person coming back to the site, so the admins encourage that you optimize your page with the following methods:

Methods of Optimization

  • Take the time to flourish your page
  • Apply stimulating text
  • Add fun/interesting images and/or galleries
  • Add comment/rating modules so your readers feel more apart of your page
  • Update your content if necessary (if not, do not bother)

Add Images

The below method is the preferred way you add images to your page.

1) If you have an image you would like to share/put on your page, copy the link to it.

2) Click the insert Image Wizard button on your page editor.

3) Once the Image Wizard is opened, paste the link to your image into the space provided, and then click "Check it" to make sure it registered.

4) Once the image wizard finds your image, click "Insert code". Your image will be shown on your page for everyone to see.

The next and alternative method for adding images below is not to be used often or too much, for the sake of file space. Yet, sometimes it is necessary when you want to change the size of your image if it is too big. But, again, it is a waste of file space and should not be used more than once on any given page, or more than a few times all together. We appreciate your understanding.

1) To add a file to your page, go to the bottom of the page you want to add your file(s) to, and click "Files".

2) An option that says, "Upload a file from your computer" will appear.

3) Upon clicking the option, another nested option will appear that asks you to "Select Files." When clicked, your Window's Explorer/Mac's Finder will open up, and then you can begin to add a photo or two.

4) When you choose photos and open them, the site's file manager will index them in front of you, and then ask you to "Upload files".

5) Once you begin the upload, wait until it tells you the uploads are complete before continuing into the site or refreshing.

Add Videos

To add video:
1) Find your desired video's embed code and copy it, then click the </> (HTML) button at the top of your editor…


2) Paste the embed code in the highlighted area that has appeared between the html coding.




3) Save and enjoy.

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