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The many nightmare inducing classics and, as well, blunders of children's television

Peppermint Park - Bubbles

I'm So Angry - Ren and Stimpy

She's hereeeeeeee - Misadventures of Flapjack

Courage the cowardly dog - "You're not Perfect."

Crimson Clown - Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Ren is Insane - Ren and Stimpy

Adverts that disturbed many viewers over the years

Metz Judderman Commerical

1950's Cosmetics Ad (Radioactive Face)

Kinder Surprise Commercial from the 80's

Baby Laugh-a-lot!…will send you straight to Hell.

Little Babies Ice Cream

Playstation Ad - Creepy

Another Playstation 3 Ad - Baby Doll

Campbell's Soup Creepy Alien Commercial

Just disturbing (Other)

Pickle Surprise

Thespian Pig

Cathy's House

McDonald's Subliminal Message on Iron Chef - Inside Edition

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