RacketDebate Details

The RacketDebate is a debate session held every once in awhile on various controversial subjects. During debates there is usually only one topic (as this leaves better focus on that particular subject), yet sometimes there may be a few topics held at once.

Upon clicking the link you will be brought to the RacketDebate page where the topic will be explained. The members will then engage in the debate using the comment module (click here for comment module reference) that is equipped below the controversial question/statement.

By the end of the session (which lasts about several hours), the administrators of RacketNukE will look over the comments and arguments. Whichever side/viewpoint was supported by more valid and convincing points, will succeed, and will be announced on the top of the RacketDebate page.

Members are expected to not use horrible/cruel insults/profanities to anyone during the RacketDebate, unless absolutely necessary to the argument. Anyone caught doing so may be banned, or permanently banned depending on the comment.

There is no specified schedule for the debates nor a specified duration time. The debates are announced at randomized times and days and may last as long as a day (but not often). Expected run time of a debate is five to six hours.

For more information, questions, or suggestions regarding the debates, please contact us or leave a private message to one of the Admins; RacketNuke and Very Useful.

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