Subjects/Ideas/Characteristics of the site

RacketNukE is a wiki, hosted by Wikidot, and mainly displays an index of spectacular and uncanny pages which hold content that can be considered sometimes frightening and bizarre (but, do not fear). The pages are often satirical, creative works made to appear like factual articles.

RacketNukE contains material for entertainment purposes, done in both a moody-dark and yet sublime fashion. The articles often are fake news reports, false/bizarre discoveries, members' dreams and nightmares, and even simple stories of horror or off-base anomalies. The point of the site is to gather as much of that bizarreness and creepiness as it can, in the form of articles and pages to share with the community. The content can be rather unnerving, but in the most creative sense possible. To conclude this description, RacketNukE is an index of eccentric pages of various divergent topics which needs to grow through writers and viewers much like you.

Visitors are allowed to create and edit their own pages, and are not limited to the type of content they can write, add, or post on RacketNukE, so long as it does not go against the guidelines.

It is strongly encouraged you read How to Create a Page before creating a page.


The RacketNukE forum is for the most simplest and easiest communication between the users of the site. It allows for the imaginative writers and readers to their share ideas, interests, and even requests on various topics and pages. In the forums, there are categories for everything you may want to share or discuss, and is equipped with helpful sections devoted to your comfort and accessibility to RacketNukE. With the forums, you are given direct contact to all of the users, including Admin and Moderators, which allows for express questions and answers, and gives you a head start in getting to understand and know the community.

Most Anomalous Page

The Most Anomalous Page is a featured achievement given to the user with the most remarkable page. The page and the username of the member who created the remarkable page will be featured on the "Most Anomalous Page", and will be accessible to everyone on RacketNukE to view and admire (as it will be the current best page on the whole site). This trophy is not easy to achieve and those who do achieve it, have special regards from the site admin, and from then-on-out have their name popularized within the RacketNukE community.

Requesting to have your page featured

Requests for getting this achievement are encouraged and if you believe you deserve to have your page featured on "Most Anomalous Page", contact the site Administrators right away so we can look over it and make sure it is truly anomalous.

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