Scientists finally uncover the reality of ghosts

On this day [1/27/13], four scientists announced a puzzling discovery which has left many unsettled, and others in open arms. Their discovery: the long lived, highly debated "Ghosts" in physical form. They have scientifically named them, "Vivonic spheres"


"These Vivonic spheres are actual translations of past memories that have existed in people." Says Rupert Glinn, the head scientist of the discovery. "They exist as energetic moving electronic bodies which have high containment spheres. Since memories are processed with the use of electricity in the brain, these memories have been essentially imprisoned in them."

When the news of this discovery was announced, people were more than exited. This gave many the idea that they were now able to communicate with their long last relatives and friends. But that just was not the case.

Glinn noted that, "These memory-based beings have the ability to communicate their memories, however, they are not conscious beings from what we have found, and are merely communicating "residual memories". Residual memories that cannot be captured or heard without the right technology."

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