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On this morning Charlotte L. Tierie gave birth to three children, all having the same genetic "birth defect." The doctor delivering the triplets was bemused by this unlikely occurrence, and denied the claims of the mother, that her children were "demon babies." She screamed to the doctors to discard the babies, and declared she does not want to see them ever again. She, being a strongly devout Christian could not bare such news and refused to raise the horned babies….Click here for full article

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The Shocking News Portal is a section home to the articles and pages within the site dedicated and categorized as strange and/or scary news. The pages can range from a reporter on the story of a couple giving birth to demon children, to a nuclear mishap reported to give power plant workers the ability to speak with ghosts. The stories sometimes are new, yet sometimes they are finally released accounts of horror that have been hidden in archives for years.

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