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The Main Page is the site's home source to all available and/or featured content within the site. The latest news, updates, and features will be announced there often. The official web address of the Main Page is, and none other.


The contact page is the official page for all available contacts to site administrators, and as well has an immediate feedback comment module conveniently added.


The guidelines page is one of the most important pages on the site, as it lists the requirements for conduct and creation regulations on the site.


The About page is a convenient reminder of the site's goals and content type specifics. It is useful for those who have recently joined or are curious about the site.


This page has been composed by Wikidot and contains useful information about site conduct in general on Wikidot and the Terms of Use.

Special Pages


The RacketNukE forum is for the most simplest and easiest communication between the users of the site. It allows for the imaginative writers and readers to their share ideas, interests, and even requests on various topics and pages.

How to Create a Page

This is a special page because of its usefulness to users looking to create an excellent page and help support the body of the site with good, original, and worthwhile content.

Become a Moderator

This page contains the details on how to become a moderator, which includes, requirements and application format.


Click here for RacketDebatE details.

Most Anomalous Page

This page is a featured content page which displays the current most spectacular and best composed page or article on the site.

Tools Pages

Wiki syntax

The wiki syntax page is an extremely useful tool for page creation as it explains in detail the codes for CSS, HTML, and more.

Modules reference

For an added spice and more in depth page or article, it is best to add modules onto it, so your readers and contributors are enjoying the page and/or article.

Locking Pages

This page is a simple one which explains and guides you into your decision on whether or not you would like your page to be locked, so other users do not tamper with your content.

Recent Changes

The recent changes page shows the most recent additions and edits to the site and also has a convenient search system for specific results.

Members List

A list of all members, moderators, and administrators on the site.

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