The Devil Shows Himself To Boy
January 10th, 2011

Randall Hubbard, an 11-year-old boy scout spending the afternoon at his grandmother's, was taking a nap in the guest bedroom upstairs. The grandmother recalls the boy screaming very loudly, hearing something heavy fall to the floor, and then him sprinting downstairs. As he ran down to embrace his grandmother, he told her there was a "demon man" upstairs. At first, the grandmother did not know what to think of it. She assumed, like many others would, that the boy must have saw his shadow, a collection of darkness in the corner of the room, anything except a demon.


When, Debra Hubbard, the grandmother, heard another loud bang coming from upstairs, a sudden conclusion came to her mind - that there is an intruder. While holding young Randall Hubbard closely, she dialed 911 and hid in a corner behind some boxes. She told Randall after calling the police, "Everything is going to be okay, just be quiet, the policemen will be here soon." She then remembered hearing another loud thud a few moments after calling 911. She then heard another a few seconds later, and then again, and again, until the two were both silently sobbing in the corner.

"These loud thuds began to echo down the stairs." She says. "Whatever or whoever it was, I knew they were coming downstairs to hurt us." The two embraced each other as loud footfalls were heard coming down the stairs. "And then, something horrific happened." The grandmother adds. "As I heard the last intruder's stomp smash to on the bottom step, I heard the intruder scream as loud as he could. And then, he spoke to us as he came stomping down the hall."

When asked how she knew the voice belonged to a male, she answered, "I thought this because his voice was deep and raspy. It sounded like he had mucus in his throat, but couldn't get it out." Then Hubbard is asked what he said to them, and she explains, "I do not remember what he said exactly, but I remember it sounding somewhat angry. I really want to think he said, 'Where is you guys.' Just like that, that is what he said, I believe."

The Hubbard's cowered in the corner horrified by what this person was going to do with them. Yet, as the intruder grew closer, the police knocked on the door aggressively. "I yelled at them to come in." As the police burst through the door, they ran through the kitchen, through the living room, and into the room where the Hubbard's were hiding. "I pointed towards the hallway, and the officer confirmed it with his partner by saying, 'Down this way.'" Mrs. Hubbard signaled to the policemen where the intruder was, and the two officers continued to the hallway. They ran into the where the intruder should have been, yet even after extensive searching, found nothing.

Later, after the policemen confronted the two and asked them if there was really anyone in the household. They both answered a definitive 'yes, there was someone,' yet there was no one else in the house except them.

It truly is a troubling mystery for the Hubbard family after experiencing something so horrific and disturbing. We sat down with the Hubbards once more on January 22nd for a better understanding. We composed new and thoughtful questions, and tried to get an idea of how the family is feeling now after some time passing, and as well to see if anything unusual occurred again.

Our first question that morning, as it was the most burning of all the questions, and as it was the most questioned by so many who were aware of the story and its details was, we asked young Randall Hubbard, "What did this demon man look like?" He did not know how to respond, and it seemed the question brought horrific images to his mind of the demon man's appearance, as young Hubbard cringed as words fell from my mouth.

Yet, after a moment of deafening silence, Hubbard explained the man's horrendous expression, and it all sent shivers down our spines. He explained, "His looked happy. He had a small smile, small eyes, but a very large head. He had horns, and ears that were pointed. He hummed while he stared down at me. It scared me so bad. But it didn't frighten me that he was there, and it wasn't his messed up head that scared me the most. It was how happy he was to be staring at me. It was like he wanted to hug me. But I knew he didn't. I knew he wanted to hurt me."

We then asked young Hubbard, What happened next?

"After a minute, I guess, he stopped smiling and frowned instantly. Suddenly, he was very angry and that's when I came running down stairs."

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