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"There is a hell."

Featured Image - from What Nightmares are made of Gallery


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The Nope Archive is of the disturbing and marvelously horrid creations found within the site's galleries, pages and elsewhere on the web. It contains videos, quotes, and pages that all can be viewed as abominations to existence - in a good way.


- Gif taken from the film "Begotten" - full movie on What Nightmares are Made of Gallery.

"Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope."


It is asked that you suggest content for this archive, and the other nested source galleries as well. We do not allow people to upload their own files to the source galleries because we need to regulate the amount of file space that is used, so it does not exceed the limit.

Source Galleries

These gallery categories contain image and video

  • Oh God Why - No one really knows why some companies choose to create such horrid things for their products and programs. In this gallery you will find the worst and unintentionally horrific presentations of television and advertisement.
  • What Nightmares are Made of - This is simply a gallery dedicated to the collection of intentionally terrifying and unsettling depictions which are breeding grounds for our most twisted nightmares.
  • Creepypasta Gallery (Dead Gallery) - This gallery exhibits photos, video, and pages of Creepypasta; such as, Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, Smile.jpg, and more.

Source Portals

  • Shocking News Portal - The Shocking News Portal is a section home to the articles and pages within the site dedicated and categorized as strange and/or scary news.
  • Paranormal Encounters Portal - The paranormal encounters portal is the section within the site which holds the pages describing the firsthand paranormal encounters of members and secondary paranormal encounters from various other sources.

Abominations (Featured Images)

Featured Videos

HAND THING - by ShayeSaintJohn

Crooked Rot - by FAT-PIE (Doki66)

Kerry's Alice Mask

Smile - Scary Short Film

Peppermint Park - The Letter M

Wire Therapy - by ShayeSaintJohn

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