What is a Portal?

If you are curious to know what a portal is, we have your answer. A portal is essentially an indexing tool for wiki sites like this one. Portals are there to organize specific topics and subjects so that they are easier to find for users looking for specific content. Each portal is almost its own site in that it displays featured images, articles, and more relating to the subject it was made for. In order to keep these portals flourishing we have moderators working on them consistently to make sure they are up to date. As well, in order to keep portals fresh, it is asked that you add portal backlinks to the pages that you create. See how to do this here. It's easy and it saves this site a lot of time.

Want a portal that meets your interests? Go ahead and suggest a portal, there is a chance it will be created if it is admired enough by the administrators and moderators.

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